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My Weigh Triton T2-120 Pocket Scale

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My Weigh Triton T2-120 Pocket Scale

The Triton T2 has a capacity of 120 grams and reads in 0.1g increments. The protective hinged cover doubles as an expansion tray. Batteries are included. Lifetime / 30 year best-in-industry warranty.



My Weigh Triton T2-120 Pocket Scale. This small pocket scale is only 5.75" x 3.25" in size. This scale has a removable cover which doubles as an expansion tray. It has a tare button a capacity of 120 grams x 0.1 (4.235 ounces x 0.005, 77.1 pennyweight x 0.1, 3.86 troy ounces x 0.005), . It also has digital auto calibration using a 100 gram weight (not included, but you can order one!). It comes already preloaded with batteries and a cover. The first thing you'll notice about the T2 is it's outer ribbed case. This was a My Weigh invention circa 1999 to help keep scales from slipping out of consumers hands (and thus hitting the ground and shocking the sensors or causing case damage). The T2 uses a unique hinge that releases only when the cover is completely open. By "releases" we mean that the hinged cover can be unlatched in order to be used as an expansion tray or bowl. The Triton T2 is a classic design pocket scale. Its thin, durable and accurate. Although this scale is small, it's cover can be used as an expansion try to make the weighing platform larger than most table-sized scales. It also has a 5 point overload protection system to help prevent damage from accidential overload of the scale. This is a wonderful buy for youself or a friend!


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