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Choose the best hookahs in our online hookah store! A lot of professional and amateur all glass hookahs for sale!
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  1. Starlight Charcoal. Superior quality charcoal. Comes with 10 x 33mm charcoal tablets. Ignites quickly and is smokeless, slow burning, odourless and preserves the taste of your smoking mixture Learn More
  2. Soex Herbal NON-Tobacco Shisha Relish Hookah smoking experience the healthy way. For non-tobacco smokers, SoeX India proudly presents SoeX Herbal Flavoured Hookah Molasses. It contains 0% nicotine, 0% tar and above all 0% tobacco. Manufactured with non tobacco herbal material, it gives the same elegant feel of smoking a Hookah to satisfy even the health conscious. Please choose your flavour from: Kiwi, Blackberry, Watermelon, Strawberry, Mixed Fruit, Black Grape, Apricot, Tropical Explosion, Cola, Choco Fusion, Honey, Gingerelle, Bubble Gum, Blueberry, Iced Coconut, Grape, Orange, Mango, Raspberry, Double Apple, Banana, Learn More
  3. Hookah - Small Single Hose.
    This small sized hookah comes with all the advantages that a large hookah have.
    Available in a variety of colours to provide an enjoyable shisha (flavoured smoking mixtures) smoking experience.
    This super-convenient, high quality hookah offers the modern design of a small sized hookah with all of the advantages of a large hookah, at a great price.
    Available in Red, Green, Blue and Black.
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    Learn More
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